Sustainable style resources.

Stores, resale apps and websites, brands and other useful information to help you on your journey to sustainable style!

If you are in the Phoenix metro area, check out my sustainable style resources HERE.

Sustainable Clothing Brands

Amour Vert – “Green Love” their garments are made with low-impact dyes and adopt a zero-waste philosophy.

Pact Apparel – One of my favorite brands for basics – undergarments, tights, leggings, etc. They are GOTS certified, use organic, non-GMO cotton, and are made with renewable energy (among many other positive things).

Eileen Fisher  All around amazing sustainable brand and company, incorporating all pillars of sustainability into their business and clothing.Women’s clothes and accessories.

Yoga Democracy – Sustainable yoga brand utilizing recycled plastic and fishing nets in their yoga apparel. Designed and made in Carefree, AZ. Available online (when you use this link to shop, you help me out too!)

Conscious Beauty- online/national

Aveda – haircare, skincare and cosmetics

Citrine Natural Beauty Bar – Organic beauty products – makeup, skincare (available in Phoenix and online)

The Balm – cosmetics, nail polish, skin and haircare, Paraben and Cruelty-Free,  Talc-Free Shadows & Blushes

Lush – cosmetics, skin and haircare, vegetarian, non-animal tested, handmade and “naked” packaging

Donate Your Clothes/Shoes/Accessories – Online Resources

If you don’t want to donate in person, then check out online options such as:

Blue Jeans Go Green – Recycle your jeans into insulation

Give Back Box – Send your unwanted items in your used shipping boxes

Buy/Sell Your Clothes and Bags – Online Resources

Poshmark – direct seller to buyer app to buy/sell clothing and accessories. 

ThredUP – online consignment store 

Rebagg – site for you to consign your luxury handbags to resold on Trendlee

Trendlee – site for you to purchase a used luxury handbag.

Find a charity thrift store whose mission resonates with you and donate your items there.

The Thrift Shopper – Search for Thrift Store Listings in their online Directory and Learn More about Thrift Shopping

Thrift Store Listings  Browse listings of thrift stores by city or state to find a local store in your area.

Sustainability Wardrobe Guides

I have collaborated with Summer Edwards of Tortoise and Lady Grey to offer you two ebooks. Summer ranks as one of the top sustainable fashion blogs to follow. The two e-books are 6 Steps to a Sustainable Wardrobe and Guide to Sustainable Textiles.

Sustainable Style

Guide to Sustainable Textiles is for those of you who want to make selective, conscious choices about the garments and textiles you purchase.

Sustainable style

Click the links below to download now!

6 Steps to a Sustainable Wardrobe ($18)

Guide to Sustainable Textiles ($9)

*Not only are these incredible resources for you but they help me too! Please use the links above when purchasing. Thank you so much for your support.

Please know that I am not working with any of these stores (with the exception of my affiliate relationships with Yoga Democracy, Rebagg and Tortoise and Lady Grey). I was not asked to endorse or mention any of the stores in this post. All opinions here are my own.