Loren North presents
Striking a Balance Between Sustainability and Style

SpeakingOur clothes have a large environmental, social and economic impact. People may recycle plastic bottles but don’t think twice about the polyester shirts that they throw away. You may not spend much time thinking about the impact of your clothes or where they were made.

This presentation creates dialogue around the sustainability of materials (cotton, leather, etc.), manufacturing, and care of clothing.

In this enlightening presentation Loren will demonstrate how sustainable principles can be merged with style concepts so you can look your best while feeling good about making better choices for the environment.  The elements of style will be reviewed with examples for how to elevate your attendees personal style.

Participants will walk away having raised their consciousness and awareness around sustainability and style.

They will be empowered by what they can do to make more positive impacts with their purchases and how they care for their clothes.

Fashion stylist Loren North is a former geologist who traded in her steel toed boots for high heels to pursue her passion for sustainability and secondhand shopping. She is on a mission to change the world by changing how we shop for and treat our clothes. Her company Through the Closet Door is a personal styling consultancy focused on helping professional men and women improve their appearance.

Praise for the Presentation

“My favorite part was your take and solution to cleaning clothes. I was really impressed by your overall look at the entire clothing industry. You really made me look at fashion differently. I love your take on consignment clothing.”
Kristi R., attendee
“I want to tell you how much I appreciate your presentation last month for Impact. You were very professional and got your message across to all.”
Joan Howard, President of Impact for Enterprising Women
“Thank you so much!! I really found the presentation super informative and I plan on hang drying my clothes now.”
Kate C., attendee
“I wanted to let you know I did 3 loads of laundry this weekend and hung them outside to dry! First time ever!!! Just wanted you to know you are making a difference for individuals and the world.”
Amy Arnett, attendee