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Are you interested in knowing how you can be stylish and help the planet?

While I am a stylist located in Phoenix who offers in-person styling, I also offer virtual styling throughout the United States.
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Feel free to schedule time for us to talk on the phone. We use this time for me to learn about your fashion style goals and challenges and discuss my process and how I can help you achieve your style goals.

If you have met a stylist before or watched TV your expectation may be that you must have a closet full of designer brands, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars or that you will be judged. Trust, you won’t get that experience with me!

I am a former geologist and a personal stylist. I meet you where you are at. I don’t make you throw away everything you own. You probably already have enough shame when you look at your closet or all the clothes you aren’t wearing. I am not here to make you feel worse. Nor do I criticize what is in your closet and where you bought your clothes.

Many clients love that I made them feel SO comfortable. This is about showing you all the potential with what you already own and getting you excited to get dressed each day. When you work with me, I bring what is inside you to the outside so your style represents who you are. I do not alter your personality, tell you to lose weight or make you wear a style you are not. When I work with my clients, we determine their ideal style and unique look. With this guidance I create outfits to achieve that style, and I shop for items to fill in the gaps that align with that style.

I know that men and women want to be advised differently on their style, and I’m equally comfortable styling a man as I am a woman.  As a scientist I am uniquely attuned to details, nuance and subtlety of fit and tailoring (these are often overlooked but they make or break an outfit). My corporate background allows me to understand how you need to show up professionally.

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So if you’re ready to see how you can regularly receive compliments on your outfits, feel happier, more confident and professional, schedule time below to book a phone call.

A new way to think about clothes…
“After spending 30+ years in Corporate America management, my style needed to reflect the new me.
Loren immediately showed me how to use the styles in my closet in a whole new way. I ended up having much more to wear than I ever thought possible.
I love going into my closet now because I have a new way to think about combining clothes, shoes and accessories.
I highly recommend working with Loren if you want a fresh look at how you are showing up in the clothes in your closet … and the investment is very reasonable. For me, it turned out to be priceless!”
Maria T.