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Stop wasting time and energy shopping for the wrong items and wearing clothes that make you feel less than your best self!

Style Chat

What is a Style Chat?

A Style Chat is a complimentary 30 minute phone call for us to get to know one another better. We use this time for me to learn about your fashion style goals and challenges and discuss my process and how I can help you achieve your style goals. There is a short form for me to learn a bit more about you and will help make our call more productive.

While I am a stylist located in Phoenix who offers in-person styling, I also offer virtual styling throughout the United States.

Make your style goals a reality and make yourself a priority. Schedule a style chat today!

Schedule Your Style Chat with Loren

While this phone session is a way for us to get to know each other better, it is not a free styling session. I’ll follow up on the responses you provide me in the short prep form, ask additional questions and get to know you and your style, and at the end of the call will make recommendations to you. This is for the person who’s seriously considering working with me and is able and willing to make the investment of time and money. Let’s respect each other’s time, and I ask that you schedule time if you are genuinely interested in working with me. Also please set aside time for the call so that you are not in a car or driving.

More about how I work…

If you have met a stylist before or watched TV your expectation may be that you must have a closet full of designer brands, be prepared to spend thousands or dollars or that you will be judged.

I bring what is on the inside to the outside so your style represents who  you are. I do not alter your personality, tell you to lose weight, or make you throw away everything you own. I bring back the value to what you already own. When you work with me, I restyle the clothes you own (“shopping your closet”), shop for you at consignment stores, and extend the life of what you already own through repairs and alterations.

I want you to imagine how it would feel if the confidence, success, and happiness you project both personally and professionally improved because of what you wear! It can happen for you!