Personal Styling for Men & Women

Personal Styling

All of my clients start with a Discover Your Look session so that we can figure out your unique look and create clarity, understanding and a base of knowledge about style and image. After that, we are ready to start working in your closet!

When we work together in your closet (in person or virtually), you will learn how to pull together outfits, how to identify what fits correctly, and what to wear to achieve your style goals.

  • You knew what style of clothes that you should wear for your body.
  • You regained a lot of confidence and enjoyed fashion again.
  • You knew how to pick out outfits or items at the store (less guess work on what to aim for) and you saved time in the mornings figuring out what to wear?
  • You had several “new” stylish looks with most of what you already own?
  • If you projected confidence because you knew how to dress your best?
  • You regularly received compliments on the outfits you were wearing?

• Review your closet to sort out items that no longer fit and determine which items do not achieve your style goals.
• Restyle the garments, shoes and accessories you already own and put together new looks.
• Bring the value back to what you already own by restyling your clothes and accessories and allowing you to wear the items for years to come.

You’re going to love this… me in your closet everyday!

I take pictures of the outfits we create and you will get a customized lookbook. The lookbook includes the photos I take of your new outfits plus style guidance for the outfits. This includes things like what shoes to wear, how to change an outfit for the seasons and what occasions you should wear the outfit for.

Clients love having a book to refer to with photos of outfit ideas. Some clients print them out and keep the lookbook in their closets. Others save it to their phone to use that way. Either way, it’s like having me in your closet everyday!

See examples, below:

Personal Styling
Personal Styling
Personal Styling
Personal Styling

Outside of Phoenix?

Not to worry, digital styling is available for you no matter where you live. It offers the same benefits of personal styling all done through the internet! If you are outside of Phoenix, we conduct the restyling with virtual sessions via webmeeting.

Take the first step and Discover Your Look.

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Self Confidence is Elevating…
“I am SO happy with my wardrobe, and it has been having subtle but very good effects. My self confidence is elevating, I am doing the right thinking about my clothes and accessories (it’s the fashion equivalent of stopping eating at fast food restaurants and moving toward better meals in nicer establishments, LOL).

This is exactly what needed to happen for me at this stage of my life.”

Monique W.
Like She Was with Me in Person…
“This was my first closet audit experience, and since it was going to be done remotely through Skype I was a little skeptical.
Loren was fantastic!!
It felt like she was with me in person through the entire experience. This experience was invaluable. I now feel much more confident in my appearance in both work and casual settings.
I feel like I now project the presence that I want, and I look fantastic doing it”
Kate C., North Carolina
10 Times Easier and Quicker to Pick an Outfit…
“After you were here, I purged tons of tops. You’d be proud of me. I stuck to your “rules.” I am psyched about purging shoes and pants.
The nicest part of this huge purge is that when I’ve gone to the closet the past 2 weeks it’s been 10 times easier and quicker to pick an outfit! This is all thanks to you!”
Pam T.