Personal Shopping for Men & Women

With me doing the shopping, I will save you hours by reducing what you need to try on. Finding new clothes will be made SO easy!

After we work together to Discover Your Look and we have completed personal styling, I can shop for you and fill the gaps in your closet. This is because I will have seen your closet and have a much clearer understanding of how many clothes you have that still work for you.

When you work with me as a personal shopper, we aren’t just looking for a bargain. You end up with a curated selection of clothes.

If you are like most of my clients, my guess is that you end up frustrated from shopping so you probably head home, mad at yourself for spending so much time without finding what you need, and deal with the clothes you already have. You may have enjoyed shopping before but now finding the right sized clothing is not a fun experience.

You may be challenged with finding clothes that are not too young or too old. You have realized that you have no idea how to find clothes for your body type. You are stressed when you go shopping, because you are just praying something will fit.

With me doing the shopping, you won’t need to try on 87 pairs of jeans to find one pair that fits. I pull the items ahead of time so that when you show up you can save hours because everything is ready for you to try on. You will have learned from me and have increased confidence in yourself when shopping and picking out items.

Personal Shopping

Shopping and Sustainability

To honor the sustainability aspect of what I do, I will likely shop at local (Phoenix area) consignment store. The reason for this is due to the wonderful mix and variety of brands, styles, colors and sizes offered at these stores. We aren’t locked into whatever this season’s “trends” are. I have shopped for clients who are a size 2 to a 22 all from consignment.

If you don’t want to shop consignment/resale but you still want to be sustainable, there are options for you. There is an abundance of sustainable, ethical and fair trade brands (online) that we can choose from for new clothes.

If you would like new items from sustainable brands or we are working virtually, you will receive a shopping list of items to fill the gaps in your closet. I find those items from sustainable brands (online) and advise you on the items you should order. You get the brands and items you want. You will have the option of me being at your home while you review and try on the new items or we can meet virtually for the fitting.

But if you if you are working with me, we will not be shopping at chain retail stores; because it is my commitment to support local businesses, keep clothes out of the landfill and support sustainable brands.

If you are dreaming of a new wardrobe that can be obtained on a budget and reflects your style, I would love to work with you.

Get Started – Discover Your Look
So Much Fun…
“I’ve definitely been in a rut style-wise for a while. Loren makes it SO easy!
By selecting the styles before I got there, it eliminated a lot of the grunt work associated with shopping and trying to find things that fit. It was so much fun trying on everything that she picked out for me and trying new things.
Also, the lookbook and tips she sent afterwards are a great resource.”
Amanda H.
Save time and money shopping…
“The best part of the whole process is that she shopped for me. I showed up at the consignment shop to find her ready with clothes and shoes that complemented what I already owned. All I had to do was try everything on as she explained why she chose the pieces she did and how I could use them with my current wardrobe. And I love that everything is sustainable and came from a high end consignment store–but was totally within my budget.​”
Abby H.