Define Your Style

Are you looking for someone who understands your particular style, will not try to change it, but rather offers advice on how to enhance your style?

Women's Fashion Style
  • Do you wish you could find someone who listened to the style you were trying to achieve?
  • Do you want great ideas on how to use the items you own to put new looks together?
  • Do you hate spending time on shopping but “know” it has to be done?
  • Do you want to dress and look as good as you feel?
  • Do you finally want to learn how to pair colors?
  • Are you ready to have  5-7 solid outfits that you can rely on?

When you work with a personal stylist, you are investing in yourself!

  • How would it feel to be able to get specific advice for YOU?
  • Imagine if you knew tips and tricks for colors, lengths, and styles that you should gravitate to?
  • Imagine if you had a much better overall appearance when it came to dressing for YOUR body shape and size?

In this 90-minute virtual session, we will  –

  • Create clarity, understanding and a base of knowledge about style and image
  • Increase confidence about your body and how to dress yourself
  • Get excited about your customized style
  • Discover what works for you and how to start creating outfits to present your best self

Ready to Define YOUR Personal Style?

Schedule time with me, complete the prep form, and provide payment using the button below!

Once you schedule time and complete the prep form, we will use our time to define your personal style, discuss finding clothes that go together, and show you how to make the styles work for you-YOUR lifestyle, budget, size, and age. We will use your lifestyle, personal preferences, body type (shape/frame), and goals to define your authentic personal style. You will receive a digital lookbook that uses the photos you provide to me with my style tips, tricks and advice to make those outfits align with your ideal style.

*Please note that when you complete the prep form, you will be asked to upload several photos of yourself and outfits plus a photo of the inside of your closet. It helps to have them already on your phone or computer to make the process easier.

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Women's Fashion Style
Men's Fashion Style