Client Success Stories and Results!

“Thanks again for all your hard work on my project. I think you TOTALLY accomplished the goal and added some smashing pieces that I desperately needed to my craft booth wardrobe. I think you could see that my hit rate on my own for good items was about 50% – so I think I got the bargain end of the transaction.  Plus shopping with you was like shopping with a friend who has impeccable taste!  It was fun and exactly as you promised.”
Jen O.
“I was kind of expecting “What Not to Wear.” I really appreciated that Loren didn’t throw away my whole wardrobe! She actually helped me to create quite a few “new” stylish looks with a lot of what I already had. I basically got a whole new wardrobe very inexpensively! I highly recommend Loren! She was a pleasure to work with. Whether we like it or not, how we present ourselves matters to how others perceive us. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to project more confidence, success and do it in an affordable and sustainable way.”
Barbara E.
“This was my first closet audit experience, and since it was going to be done remotely through Skype I was a little skeptical.  Loren was fantastic!!  It felt like she was with me in person through the entire experience.  This experience was invaluable.  I now feel much more confident in my appearance in both work and casual settings.  I feel like I now project the presence that I want, and I look fantastic doing it”
Kate C., North Carolina
“The two biggest benefits I’ve had from the audit was picking out outfits or items at the store ( less guess work on what to aim for) and time saved in the mornings figuring out what to wear. I really enjoy shopping now, which I didn’t before. Normally I wouldn’t invest the effort and give up on items, but I’m more in tune with how to make items work for me now. My confidence has increased when picking out items to pair up and buying.”
Lee-Anna W.
“This experience exceeded all my expectations. I was really nervous about having my closet audited. Loren was very professional and was able to put me at ease. She did a fantastic job of listening to the style I was trying to achieve and worked with me to see what items I already owned and gave me great ideas on how to use them to put new looks together. The personal shopping experience was fantastic. Loren pulled items ahead of time so that everything was ready for me to try on when I got to the store. She was very knowledgeable on whether a piece of clothing could be altered if it was something that I liked enough to spend the money on that. She found a lot of great items that are now part of my wardrobe. She was able to make all that happen and still come in under the clothing budget we had discussed.”
Kristen S.
“I’ve definitely been in a rut style-wise for a while. I hadn’t even been properly shopping in over a year before this occasion. Loren makes it SO easy! By selecting the styles before I got there, it eliminated a lot of the grunt work associated with shopping and trying to find things that fit. It was so much fun trying on everything that she picked out for me and trying new things. Also, the lookbook and tips she sent afterwards are a great resource. I think just seeing my closet through Loren’s eyes has made me more aware of transitioning to a more mature wardrobe. I am more excited to get dressed in the morning and picking out outfits that go well together – I’m more conscious of what I’m wearing and even what others are wearing (getting ideas, etc)”
Amanda H.