How does a former geologist become a personal clothing stylist? I definitely did not think this would be my calling.

Let me tell you a bit of the backstory…

I haven’t always been in fashion, and I didn’t even get my start there. But I have always been experimenting with my own style, dressing others (including my cat!) and learning all along the way! It’s because I have not always been in this field that makes me able to meet you where you are at in this journey. Sometimes the words “fashion” or “stylist” can be intimidating. I don’t make you spend thousands of dollars on new clothes, stuff your closet with designer labels and most definitely do not make you throw away your clothes and buy more.

Personal Clothing Stylist Loren North

My clothes never seemed quite “right” growing up and we didn’t have the money for the clothes that everyone around me was wearing (and this started in elementary school!). I have felt the shame and the pain of not fitting in. I know how frustrating it can be when you know what you wear is missing the mark. When you show up and you know that what you are wearing isn’t right for the situation. The wrong outfit is distracting, makes us feel self-conscious and pretty much can ruin an entire day. That feeling of having “nothing to wear” even though you are starting at a closet full of clothes is soul crushing. I have literally cried in front of my closet because I could not figure out what to wear to the office.

So I started to make a change and teach myself. I traveled a lot for my corporate job and was always studying what others were wearing and how I could create those looks for myself. When I started shopping secondhand I finally had the freedom to experiment that I hadn’t felt before. I could afford the styles I wanted because I was paying way less than what the clothes originally sold for. The ah-ha moment came when I started to receive compliments on my outfits from strangers. The best part? Most of these clothes were from thrift stores (yep, that dress I am wearing in the photo is from Goodwill).

Shopping from consignment and thrift stores and reusing clothes isn’t just a fun hobby, it’s how I buy all of my clothes and shoes. Consider one of the biggest days of my life – my wedding. Now what we did was get legally married at the courthouse because we aren’t big wedding people – see photo. That dress was from a thrift store in Denver. Then we renewed our vows later that year for the family in a more typical celebration. I wore my mother’s wedding dress for that event, altered from how she originally wore it.

You may be shocked that that I’m admitting to shopping at a thrift store. When I shop for my clients it’s always at consignment stores (and not thrift stores). But here’s the deal, there is a tremendous freedom that comes from shopping thrift or consignment.

These secondhand stores have a better variety that isn’t trend focused, a much better price point and more size options than most if not all department stores.

How you look in your clothes is not about size, age, or budget.

How do I know that when you determine what your style is, create new outfits from what you own and shop secondhand will work? Because I have been there- I went from a casual boring style to getting compliments from strangers all from shopping consignment and thrift stores. My whole appearance and how I felt changed once I started shopping secondhand (thrift and consignment), created  outfits in new ways, and I did it saving money and saving clothes from the landfill!!

The problem is that for most of us no one is there to show us or be our guide so we aren’t wearing the right clothes. Magazines and stores just want us to buy what is the “latest” and keep us on that treadmill of shop, buy and throw away. What do you do if you hate those styles? What if most of them aren’t right for your age? It’s really easy to feel powerless, give up and go home. Let me be your guide and help you determine what is “just right” for you!

My mission is to change how and where we shop for our clothes.

When I work with my clients, I see paralysis through analysis or decision fatigue. That means you may have so many clothes in your closet, sometimes even more than one closet, and yet you still feel like you have nothing to wear! You don’t need more clothes in your closet – the solution is to learn how to dress yourself so that you feel more confident and comfortable and look forward to opportunities for going out because you know what you will wear works for you and the situation!

Oftentimes what we think is the problem (not enough clothes, need to lose weight, etc.) is not the case at all. I think that we are so used to wearing our clothes the same way, pairing them together with the same accessories, that we lose sight of all the potential in our closets. We think the problem with our style is one thing and instead it’s something else entirely different. That is my job to figure this out.

What drives me crazy…

Are all of those mail order boxes delivering outfits to your home. Adding more clothes to your closet likely isn’t the solution to your style woes. Yes, you get new clothes without a hassle and they show up at your door. But they come at a cost. The cost of not knowing what else to wear them with. The cost of keeping them (but not wearing them) because returning them is too much of a hassle. Mindless shopping also is a habit I want to help you break. Often times we find ourselves at discount chain stores and are so excited by the “deals” we find. Or we are at a store that sells food, household goods and clothes so we just lump it all together without realizing what it is costing. I call this mindless shopping. The deals don’t look so good hanging in your closet, with their tags on or only having been worn once. The deals aren’t so great when we add up how much those clothes cost over time only to realize that they really don’t reflect who we are.

What else should you know?

I am a geologist. Yes, that is me in my field clothes (no, I wasn’t working on the beach but it was nearby!). When I realized the negative impacts on the environment and people from the fashion industry (get the scoop here). That is the part of me that knew I had to find a way to do my part to help save the planet and help people. That’s when I brought sustainability and style together.

The best part is shopping consignment is it’s one of the best things you can do for the planet when it comes to your wardrobe. The best thing you can do? Keep your clothes until they fall apart!!! When you work with me, I will share my clothing care tricks, tips and presentation with you to learn more.

This might sound a bit radical but…

We need to start owning our clothing rather than consuming our clothing. That means treating our clothes as investments and buying clothes that are meant to last. This means not treating our clothes as trash and throwing them away after six wears. This mean buying the highest quality you can afford.

  • Buying more clothes to create style does not solve the problem.
  • Where we spend our money matters and supporting local businesses is crucial to a sustainable economy.
  • We need to change the way we think about our clothes, where we buy them and make more conscious shopping decisions.
  • Why does any of this matter? Read this.

What do I do when I am not styling?

I am a cat lover, wine drinker, avid reader, runner and traveler!! Some of my favorite places are Italy, New York City, Mexico, Santa Barbara and Paris. My other favorite place is hanging out in my pool with a good book. Originally from Pennsylvania, I now live in the valley of the sun with my husband and two cats.

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