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My mission is pretty simple – change the way we think about our clothes, where we buy them, and make more conscious shopping decisions.

I know how frustrating it can be when you know what you wear is missing the mark. I know because I have been there! I started as a professional in my 20s and went through the process of transitioning from what was fine for college to a professional setting where I had to find my own way. I learned from my mistakes. I went from one extreme to the other – too casual in one state and too dressed up in another. I traveled a lot for my corporate work and was always studying what others were wearing, what I liked and how I could adapt it for myself. It was not until I started shopping secondhand that my own style really started to take hold. I even started to receive compliments on my outfits from strangers (and usually the outfit was entirely from thrift store shopping!).

Wardrobe Consultant

I also learned from watching. I am a stylist with a scientist’s perspective so I observe and focus on details. Great style is in the details. Details are often things we don’t think about (like proper fit). Paying attention to the details will create a style that conveys the message you want. Ignoring the details will cause your style and outfits to work against you. It’s not the cost, brand or label that matters. It’s how the clothes fit, how you own your style, it’s achieving flattery for your body.

When I realized the negative impacts on the environment and people from the fashion industry, I knew I had to find a way to save the world and help my clients directly. That is when I brought sustainability and style together. When you work with me, you support a local, woman owned business. My charitable contributions of time, money and/or donations include the Arizona Humane Society and the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.

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Wardrobe Consultant Loren North explains her approach to styling!

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