Why use a personal shopper?

You are a woman conscious of your lifestyle decisions and environmental and economic impact of your purchases. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to look stylish, be ecologically, economically and socially savvy with your purchases and have your wardrobe convey the message you want to deliver. You may be overwhelmed by the choices, don’t know where to start, are in a transition in your life, or maybe you just don’t like to shop that much.


Are you tired of wearing the same items again and again? Don’t like the way your clothes look on you?

Together we will review your closet to sort out items that no longer fit and determine which items do not achieve your style goals. I will work with you to evaluate the items you already own and give you ideas on how to pull together great new looks. In addition, I will provide suggestions on key items that you are missing that will pull together your new style. You will feel much more confident in both work and casual settings and project the image and style you want.

Do you want to save time getting ready for work or for your daily excursions out of the house?

You are busy and want to worry about one less thing – like shopping or getting a fresh new style. You will gain the benefit of time saved in the mornings figuring out what to wear and being able to put together your outfits or select items at the store (with less guesswork). And you might even start to enjoy shopping again! You will learn how to make items work for YOU.


Do you want to project a confident, pulled together look for all occasions and make it look effortless?  

I can help you develop your professional style and assist you in elevating your casual and formal looks for a variety of life events. I provide tips and tricks to conceal areas that you may be more self-conscious about, how to accessorize, and how to accentuate features that you like most about yourself.




Are you looking for a comfortable, enjoyable space to develop and expand your style?

No need to fear personal styling. I will listen to you and get your wardrobe to match the style you are trying to achieve in a safe and relaxing environment. If you opt for personal shopping, I pull the items ahead of time so that everything is ready for you to try on when we meet. I have established a great relationship with secondhand stores, and I will strive to find signature items to add to your existing wardrobe.

Do you have a tight budget and can’t spend a fortune on a new wardrobe?

I will meet your style goals within your budget, so that both you and your wallet feel great at the end! I will bring the value back to what you already own by restyling your clothes and accessories and allowing you to wear the items for years to come.


About Your Wardrobe Consultant

Hailing from the northeast and living currently in the desert southwest, my work and travels have taken me across the country and Western Europe which has influenced my personal style. I am a professional image consultant who has spent over 13 years working as a consultant in the environmental and software fields. I have learned from experience and a discerning eye how to dress your best for personal and professional events. While I love shopping, my passion for sustainability has led me to discover the satisfaction of “shopping my closet” as well as exploring the high quality and variety of clothing and accessories available at local secondhand stores from which I draw upon for my own wardrobe. I have a talent and passion for creating outfits an eye and appreciation for details and would welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your best look. I enjoy working with women both in person and in a virtual setting to shop their closets and restyle their wardrobe and of course personal shopping from non-traditional retail markets.

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Image Consulting Services

As your Personal Shopper, Together We Can

Shop your closet and put together looks to achieve the image you want to portray and present your personal style. If needed, we can shop together to fill in the gaps while making it easy and painless while working within your budget. Additionally, you may have your look and outfits nailed down but need a community of support for alterations, shoe repair or handbag/luggage repair. I have a network of sources for these types of services and am happy to coordinate the repairs, alterations for you. Give your items a second life and break the cycle of generating even more waste.

If you are not currently living in Phoenix AZ… we can still work together virtually!

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