Personal Clothing Styling, Personal Shopping and Sustainable Style for people who want to present their best self but hate everything in their closet and don’t know what to do about it.

Personal Clothing Stylist PhoenixYou’re a busy professional who really values the environmental impact of your decisions.

You want to look your best while not just shopping mindlessly and without purpose.

Whether you know it or not, you value your time and your commitment to personal causes.

You are a person who understands that investing in yourself allows you to use your time for its best purpose and provide the world your talents.

But sadly…

The way you are showing up in the world may not reflect who you really are.

Maybe you have gone through a lifestyle change. Or a relationship change, a new career, have had a change in weight. So when you look in your closet you feel anxiety, frustration, or shame.

You may have tried shopping with friends and family but that doesn’t work because while well-intentioned they only know how to shop for themselves.

You may have tried a mail order clothing box and while for some that may be a good idea, it probably didn’t work for you because it’s not customized to match all the uniqueness that is living in you.

Because you are a motivated person, you may have tried to do it on your own. But we know how hard it is to start and clean out a cluttered closet. 🙂

Some people can get results with these other methods but what also may be missing for you is the sustainability piece.

It’s not okay for you and your values to be contributing to the wasteful cycle of shopping and throwing away clothes.

You may also really appreciate eco-friendly choices for shopping and want to be more environmentally conscious.

My name is Loren, and what’s really interesting is that I know how to bring what is inside of you to the outside so your style reflects who you are, but I am also a former geologist. I have seen first hand the effects of clothing manufacturing on the environment. So I decided that I can use my career to make a difference by changing how we shop and consume our clothing. After we work together, you will absolutely feel like a celebrity but trust me I am not going for the celebrity stylist approach because sustainability, the environment and your values are the most important thing for me.

If your values are aligned with mine, then we should talk!

Feel free to click on the services button below to see what is possible. If you know you want to talk right away, then we can jump on the phone for 30 minutes and you and I will go over your clothing style goals, challenges you are having, and what is holding you back from achieving those goals. By the end of the time we will know how working with me will help you achieve your style goals, discuss next steps and we will be ready to start your style journey. Click below to schedule time with me.

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